A healthy, balanced diet allows you to fully enjoy an active day. It supplies energy, nourishes the body and mind. Perfect for everyone who likes to live active and healthy. Full-fledged regular meals help reduce stress levels, soothe nerves and brighten your mind. Properly balanced calories will allow us to safely get rid of unnecessary kilograms.

Thanks to this diet we do not only lose weight or maintain the desired weight, we also improve the overall vitality of the body. The diet consists in five distinct meals, rich in vegetables, fresh fruits, lean meat and fish.

At MyBoxFit we prepare for you healthy and wholesome meals every day, so you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle without changing your daily routine.

Example menu for 1200 kcal - Classic


Turkey sandwich 400 kcal


Raspberry Smoothie 200 kcal


Pepper stuffed with meat and ricotta 326kcal


Almonds with dark chocolate 100 kcal


Omelette 220 kcal